Hello When Should I get a Server for Our Office

Tech In The Tower

We have just been asked about the Pros and Cons as to when getting a Server is a good idea – Very Good Question!

Let’s talk about

  • Server Basics
  • Then the Pros and Cons
  • Then Choosing the right Server
  • Cloud v Onsite

The Basics

Unlike a desktop – where it is designed to be used by one user at a time a server is designed to run a specialized operating system to enable running multi-user applications and services such as :-

  •  Domain Controllers – Responds to security authentication requests (logging in, checking permissions of users etc)
  • Active Directory – authorizes all users and computers for a particular network – enforcing security policies
  • Email – Exchange email – all email backed up in one place and not lost (most of the time)
  • DHCP – helps manage the IP addresses on your network
  • SQL databases – could be used for applications where…

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