Blackberry Z10 Review

A series of observations on the Blackberry new OS and new Mobile Z10. Let me tell you a bit about where I am coming from before I launch into this Blackberry z10 review.

My first Smartphone was the Iphone 3 (way back in the day) which I consider to be a design classic but I never felt that the iOS was really out there – although I was impressed. I stuck with this phone for a good and long-time eventually updating to the Iphone 3G. After this I decided to give the Nokia n900 a go and for all its faults I quite liked this machine.

I was eventually gifted a HTC HD7 which was running Windows Mobile 7 and this was really the first device I started to actively download apps for (even though I would realistically only use perhaps 10 of the many downloaded then removed)

In 2009 I was issued a blackberry through my old employer which, as I thought was too small, stoically refused to use in any real capacity. Much to the disgust of my fellow BBMers also I preferred to read my emails on a descent sized screen rather than that pokey phone.

Since then the RIM has fallen from its pedestal and the age of Apple, Android and in some circles Windows mobile are in the ascension.

Problem is I have always supported the underdog if two football teams are playing I will, in most cases, support the team which is least likely to win and so now I have bought my first mobile phone in ages and it is the Blackberry Z10. This could be a rag to riches to rag to riches story, could be…

After years of tweeking this and fiddling with that BlackBerry has finally introduced us to their new operating system BlackBerry 10. This is a complete departure from BlackBerry you’ve come to love and then hate. Also the name RIM is no longer as they have decided to now call themselves Blackberry.

To showcase the BBM 10 OS they have also launched a new smart phone the Blackberry z10.

Designed to use with One Hand

I have the Z10 in white and it is a very attractive machine from a distance. It has no obvious similarities with the Blackberry devices of old I think that will be more akin to Blackberry next model the Q10 which will have a keypad. It looks like Blackberry said to themselves ‘so you want a smartphone and you don’t want a keyboard – well we will go one step further and remove almost all the keys that you would expect on a smartphone’. And they have. There is not the typical middle button at the bottom of the screen only a large silver embossed Blackberry logo.

The device itself sits nicely between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the IPhone 5. It is sporting a large 4.2-inch 1280 x 768-resolution display and a thin all-white body with a ridged back. It’s feels like a well-built machine but has no flair, even in white! It leaves the impression that this is a phone for the business to hand out to execs; and they may well do.

The Z10 is packing a dual-core processor, with 2GB of RAM on board and LTE and it is fast very fast and responsive to use. Does it match up to the best that Android and Apple have to offer in terms of response and speed? I would say yes. The Web browsing definitely does and I would go as far to say I think it excels.

So far I have been able to go a full working day without charging but I am by no means a ‘Power user’ and I suspect if you are using the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, tweeting and browsing you will definitely not get through an average working day.

However I am grateful that Blackberry have incorporate the ability to change batteries which we seem to be seeing less and less of on devices these days. Blackberry will be selling a clever battery charger extra battery bundle, which I will purchase.

Next Post…Where is my Back Button…To be Continued

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1 Response to Blackberry Z10 Review

  1. I personally believe that Blackberry is out – one bad strategical move they made was to allow for BBM to be available to their competitors for free whilst their own customers still will have to pay for this service. What this will result in is a huge influx of customers (myself included) leaving their services and going to Android or Windows phone and get BBM for free
    Right now I see no future in Blackberry, but then again who knows what tomorrow can or might bring

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