Mysterious Announcement from Microsoft

Today in LA Microsoft decided to hold a mysterious event to make an announcement. My guess was that it would be about hardware. They started the ‘show’ by talking about how Microsoft software is used on over 1 billion PCs, but then then Steve Ballmer moved tact to discuss Microsoft relationship with hardware.

In his conversation about hardware Steve B talk alot about Windows * was a reimagining of hw the consumer would use software for the next few years and then after pictures of the mouse, then keyboards, Xbox and Kinect – ‘Boom’ Steve B then picks up a tablet and states how Microsoft believe that Windows 8 needs it’s own hardware. Microsoft’s new tablet range is called ‘Surface’ – More than 1 tablet

Some of the specs for Surface I saw

Surface is thin at 9.3mm
Edges beveled at 22 degrees
liquid metal is formed into an ultra rigid and light frame. 1.5 lbs
PVD finish
It’s the first PC with a magnesium case
10.6 inch display
It has it’s own built in stand – nice touch
It has Gorilla Glass
It also has a detachable cover which is also a keyboard – It looks very very slick indeed
Digital Ink – can properly use pen input
The Intel Surface will can run Windows 8 Pro
has higher resolution and clear type font capability

The final tag line I read from the announcement….It was important that the Windows software could rise to the surface. NICE!

Head over to to see more details.

Just to add a bit about pricing :-

Surface for Windows RT available in 32GB and 64GB — priced to competitive rates with ARM tablets.

Intel version will have higher storage capacities… also priced to compete

Finally –

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